This `shuddering before the beautiful', this incredible fact that a discovery motivated by a search
after the beautiful in mathematics should find its exact replica in Nature,persuades me to say that
beauty is that to which the human mind responds at its deepest and most profound.
Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar


Selected Publications

Endogenous Firm Objectives, with Thomas Renstrom, Journal of Public Economic Theory, Vol. 5, No 1, Page 67-94, 2003

The Arbitrage Pricing Theorem with Incomplete Preferences, with David Kelsey, Mathematical Social Sciences, Vol. 54, No 1, Page 90-105, 2007

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Transitional Dynamics of Scale and Scope on Growth Revisited, with Sigitas Karpavicius

Corruption and Political Competition, with Richard Damania

Designing a Learner-Centered Curriculum for Investment Analysis


Working Papers


Modigliani-Miller Theorem and CAPM under Ambiguity," with David Kelsey

Decision-Making in International Organizations: Power and Coercion

Fourier Transform and Tempered Distributions: Applications to Electromagnetic Waves and Asset Pricing, with S. Karpavicius

Shareholder Voting Equilibrium under Imperfect Competition, with David Kelsey

Theory of Kidnapping and Cognitive Psychology, with I. Mendes

Over-investment in Advertising Make Firm a Fat Cat? An Experimental Study

 Price Discrimination, Product Quality, and Vertical Restraints in a Shareholder Controlled Monopoly, with David Kelsey










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