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Micreconomics Advanced Microeconomic Theory | Microeconomic Theory | Intermediate Microeconomics: A Modern Approach

Microeconomic Analysis | A Course in Microeconomic Theory | Cooperative Microeconomics : A Game-Theoretic Introduction | Notes on the Theory of Choice

Mathematical Economics Supermodularity and ComplementarityTheory of Value: An Axiomatic Analysis of Economic EquilibriumCompetitive Equilibrium: Theory and Applications

Optimization by Vector Space Methods | Existence and Optimality of Competitive Equilibria

Mathematics Convex Analysis

Finance Theory Dynamic Asset Pricing TheoryTheory of Incomplete MarketsFinance Theory and Asset Pricing | Financial Economics

Game Theory Game TheoryGame Theory for Applied EconomistsGame Theory: Analysis of ConflictFun and Games : A Text on Game Theory

Game Theory for EconomistsGames of Strategy

Social Choice Choice, Welfare and MeasurementSocial Choice and Individual ValuesSocial Choice Theory : An Introduction

Industrial Organization The Theory of Industrial OrganizationIndustrial OrganizationOligopoly Pricing : Old Ideas and New Tools

Political Economy Prelude to Political Economy: A Study of the Social and Political Foundations of EconomicsPolitical Economics: Explaining Economic Policy

Theories of Distributive Justice









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